This reserve on an item in Heritage has me flabbergasted

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    This reserve on an item in Heritage has me flabbergasted

    Heritage just posted reserves on items from its May 7-9 auction, and this one has me scratching my head. When I opened the lot last week at $750, I thought it was a high starting point and wouldn't have been surprised if I was the only bidder ($900 with the BP, plus tax and the typical exorbitant shipping would have sent the total cost well over $1,000, about double what I think it is worth).

    The reserve is $3,000! I don't even mind that it's that high, because had my bid been topped, I would have been out of the running. I just can't figure out what I'm missing. I love the fact that a Cleveland Buckeyes Negro League player is pictured on the header card, but the piece -- as stated -- isn't from that era. It's a gumball machine from the 1960s with a cool header card!

    Mark S., any clue on this? Enlighten me! ... ids-101116
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    Re: This reserve on an item in Heritage has me flabbergasted

    Well I wish I could help out, but suffice it to say Heritage (or perhaps their consignor) is dreaming with that reserve. That type of Gumball Machine routinely sells in the $150 - $250 range on ebay and elsewhere. Granted, they usually have no header card, or one that's not Baseball/Sports-related.

    But even optimistically, that header card should add about $400 to the value (max). As you said, it's not a Negro League piece... more of a charitable donation piece. I guess they believe the small photo of the Cleveland Player makes the machine over 6 times its actual worth. :?

    Sometimes it's best not to question it, and simply be thankful you're out of the running with their "pie in the sky" reserve. Heritage has always had high pre-auction estimates... the highest in the hobby, IMHO. So either this is one of those items, or the owner consigned it to Heritage with the stipulation that they set that ambitious reserve. I strongly doubt this lot will result in an actual sale.
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